@Tesla Solar Solar Installation

System Results

97.5 MWh total power generated via @Tesla Solar as of 20210606
111.8 kWh day max on 20200513
0.0 kWh day min on 20170109
44.1 kWh daily average production

System Details

System size is 69 panels at 255W each = 17.6kW
System was turned on February 23, 2015 (75 months ago)
Panel info:
* Size: 1638 x 982 x 40mm (64.5 x 38.7 x 1.57in)
* Vendor: CanadianSolar CS6P-P
Inverter info:
* SolarEdge SE6000A

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Chart via PVOutput

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  • Note 1: Detailed generation tracking started 20150612.
  • Note 2: Cloud/Daylight data Powered by Forecast when Tesla Solar data missing.
  • Note 3: System was degraded from 20170530 to 20170726. Up to 30 panels offline.
  • Note 4: System was degraded from 20190828 to 201909. All panels offline.

7 thoughts on “Solar”

  1. How big is your solar array and what is your average daily kW production? I’m trying to figure out what you net after the car is charged. Thanks C.

    • @SolarCity system size is 69 panels at 255W each = 17.6 kWh. I have 49.1 kWh average production. I drive an average of 100 miles per day and my average average Energy Added is 21.49 kW. So i’m generating more than 2x what I need for the Tesla.

  2. They fixed the panels, I was down for a couple months for that section. Since they came out several times and fixed several things its hard to say it was just one thing but in the end they replaced the guts of one inverter and it has been fine since. Since i’m on the PPV plan, there’s no real loss in $. I paid nothing for the panels and I only pay for what they generate. So they didn’t offset my electric for a while but I wasn’t losing money or anything. There’s no credit for that scenario.

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